The Credit Bureau of Wichita is the most diversified and fastest growing credit bureau and collection agency in Kansas. After being rated the Number One Affiliate bureau in the nation in 1996 by Experian (formerly TRW), we expanded into the Wichita area. We Currently have offices in Wichita, Garden City.

Credit Bureau of Wichita was formed in 1964 by Roland Belcher, to assist Consumers, and Banks receive accurate information about their financial and credit status.
At the moment, Credit Bureau of Wichita, serves counties west of Sedgwick county in Kansas. Credit Bureau of Wichita, has 20 employees, who include several Spanish interpreters to better serve our clients.
Credit Bureau of Wichita, follows all the HIPAA rules to protect our customers’ information and privacy.
We have always had a A+ rating from our clients and also great customers satisfaction.

Our office hours are

Monday to Friday 8am-5pm.

Our Payment remittance address is
1135 College Drive Ste. L. Garden City, KS 67846

We are glad you are here and are looking forward to serve you.